04 March 2007

Sunday afternoon screed

"George Bush doesn't care about black people." -- Kanye West, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina

I make no secret of my contempt for President* Bush. He's a lying, conniving war criminal, and perhaps the worst President in the history of the United States. His actions in the world arena have damaged our country for decades to come.

However, I never felt he was a racist. I always felt his disregard for the victims of that hurricane were motivated mainly by their political leanings and not by the color of their skin. (No Republican votes down there, so why bother?) After this weekend though, I'm not so sure. Yesterday the news media bandwidth was filled with images of him visiting people in Georgia and Alabama whose lives were impacted by the tornados that hit there last week. Aside from the obvious attempt to appear more "presidential", it seems that all of the victims were white! Hardly any people of color were shown. Could be just a coincidence, but who knows with that guy?

Maybe it's just more evidence of the institutionalized evil that is the Republican party. They have truly elevated hate to new heights. Also this weekend, Ann Coulter called John Edwards a "faggot" at some Klan meeting, er Republican gathering. No surprise there-- she's an attention whore. The clown princess of the right. But I do notice that there is not much effort on the part of the right-wingers at distancing themselves from her bile.

And one more thing in this rant: The election is over. You wingnuts got stomped. The few vocal haters that are attempting to keep "illegal immigration" an issue can feel free to crawl back under from whatever rock you slithered. We get it. You hate Mexicans. Now bugger off!

* Selected, not elected, 2000

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