28 December 2005

Holiday Update

Not that Christmas means anything to me except a paid day off, but it is still a lousy time of year to get sick. The wife and I came down with nasty colds the weekend of the 17-18th, and it's still hanging on. For me, it's just a bunch of coughing, especially in the evenings. Otherwise I am feeling OK.

We were supposed to do the holiday thing with our Moms, but due to illness we canceled going up to Seattle. We did manage to visit my family on Christmas eve, but spent the rest of the holiday weekend just zonked out recuperating.

We had a couple NetFlix movies to watch. Unfortunately, they were not so good. One was "Last Days", which is the thinly-veiled story of Kurt Cobain's, well, last days. It was dreadfully boring and confusing. I fell asleep about 30 minutes into it the first night and had to figure out where I drifted off when I restarted the next day. I was so disappointed as I was expecting a more straightforward narrative history of Nirvana and the Seattle music scene of the early 90s.

The other disappointment was "Something's Gotta Give." It was 2+ hours of Diane Keaton stuttering and stammering through a script that only Oprah could love. Even Jack Nicholson's always-welcome presence does little to save this yawnfest. The only bright spots were Keanu Reeves(!), Amanda Peet, and a cameo by Frances McDormand. Highly unrecommended!

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lemocha said...

Despite being sick it will go down in posterity as one of my all time favorite Christmas's ever!